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About bhs robotics.

At Bhs. we are continuously working towards bringing lives back to normal. Our team of experienced Doctors and Health Tech experts offer a comprehensive range of Med-tech Products, Solutions and Services.

Health Tech Expertise

Our team of EXPERTS utilize the  latest Technology ,as a consequence we enable  others to operate and use the core technology.

Anti COVID Related Solutions

Our experienced Bio-tech team works on the IOT , ML and AI  and provides continuous research  and development towards Anti COVID solutions.

Health is your


bhs robotics. Products

Disinfection Solutions

bhs. Disinfection Solutions  are formulated to balance efficiency and compatibility. As a consequence helps you  fight to reduce COVID 19 related risks.

Med Tech Devices

Developing comprehensive Med Tech Devices that helps doctors & patients of all ages.

Waste Management Solutions

bhs. waste management products and solutions  involves collecting, sorting, treating, recycling Surgical & medical waste.

Smart Robot

At Bhs. We design, develop, and prototype robots in healthcare that help by relieving medical personnel from routine tasks.

Disinfection Robot

Reduces the HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections) that often occur because the hospitals can’t always clean rooms with 100 percent sterility between patients. The chances of contracting the HAI’s is very high, and this can prevented to a large extent by using the pulsed, full spectrum UV light. UV light is designed to reduce HAIs such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) by killing the microorganisms that cause them, which can be particularly resistant to treatment.

Telepresence & Teleconsultation Robots

Our Robots facilitate remote communication with the doctors as well as the  relatives.

Research & Development

At bhs. we undertake Applied Research related activities that introduce new products and solutions  in the field of healthcare. Our R&D is focused on providing powerful knowledge and insight to develop products that improve the efficiency and reduce the cost. We translate the research into a commercial product by thorough design , prototyping, trials , testing and refinement.

Health is your


Health is your



At Bhs. we shoulder the initiatives which offer solutions to pressing problems. We amalgamate the culture  of the likeminded  and compassionate people who realize  that we have to act now. Together. To have a better future tomorrow. 


We build Future Health Tech Products for better society.


bhs robotics. Team

Dr.Madhu Vasepalli

CEO/Founder, Bhs., DEEP NGO

Mr. Ayush Singh

Co-Founder/ Operations

Dr.Nikhil Agarwal

Mentor, Bhs. CEO, IIT Kanpur First

45A, Journalist colony-A,
Jubilee Hills-500033,
Hyderabad, India
+91 70575 82533 [email protected]